How Buynosaur works

Why Buynosaur


Effective Communication

Communicate with Taobao sellers through our team of native Chinese and English speakers

Locked Cloud

PayPal Enabled

We accept PayPal, the most recognised global payment platform, to ensure your only safety


Secure Payment

We’ll use SSL encrypted checkout page so your personal information will be securely handled during payment



Want to order products of customised sizes or colours? We’ll make sure the seller has the right information

Quick Response

Quick Response

We’re available 24/7. Expect your questions to be answered within 6 hours on average

Competitive Rates

Competitive Rates

Did you know that there are different currencies for every payment method? We’ll find you the best rates without marking up prices

What customers say

  • "Best overseas shopping experience. Buynosaur doesn't mind if you change your order back and forth, will recommend!"


    Someone who wishes they knew Chinese because of Taobao

  • "Definitely the best shopping service out there! Buynosaur have been answering my questions non-stop!"


    A hippie customer

  • "Efficient and helpful! I love their weekly jokes, cracks me up all the time."


    Emo teenage girl

  • "They are funny, reliable and helpful!"


    A customer who bought a lot of shoes

Experience Buynosaur’s tailor-made services


Buynosaur is more than just buying agent. We promise that your experience at Buynosaur are tailor-made and your Taobao orders taken care of.
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