Frequently Asked Questions

About Buynosaur


Why Buynosaur?

China is one of the biggest exporters in the world. Our mission is to enable buyers outside China to efficiently and conveniently purchase items from millions of sellers in China. We built this platform to focus on making e-commerce better for everyone. Expect us to be with you throughout your shopping experience!

We’re one of the first Taobao agents based in Hong Kong. Having diverse backgrounds, we aim to bridge the gap between Chinese sellers and international buyers. Whether you want to buy necessities, gadgets, or any products offered in China, Buynosaur is the most reliable buying agent available in the market.

Also, we try our best to recommend 5 – 10 products you bought based on ratings, price and our experience using these websites. We aim to ensure your money, time and effort are well spent.


What is the story behind Buynosaur?

After trying Taobao and Tmall for personal use, we were surprised to find out that a lot of Taobao buyers have little to no idea about how payment and shipping work. So we are making it our personal mission to bring shops closer to their customers.

We understand the flow of buying on Taobao, Tmall, AliExpress, and other Chinese online shopping platforms. We want to utilise our experiences and language proficiency to guide buyers through their experiences on them.


What are the member benefits of Buynosaur?

Unlimited Quotation

We provide unlimited quotations to sellers. Simply send us a quotation and we will translate it for you to your ideal seller.

Product Recommendation

We try our best to recommend 5 – 10 products you quoted based on ratings, price and our experiences using these websites. We aim to ensure your money, time and effort are well spent.

Translation Service

Got something you want to buy but can’t find? We got you covered. Let us know what you want and we’ll translate it in no time.

Customised Items

Got pre-order/tailor-made items to buy? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’ve a pre-order item that’ll be shipped 6 months later or cosplay suits that fit you only, we’ve got you covered. Send us a quotation and let us guide you through your unique shopping experiences.


Why can’t I buy directly from Buynosaur?

We know that it saves a lot of time if you could add to cart directly on our website. We are working to make this possible in the near future. Buynosaur also wants you to know that we do not mark up our prices on our website, what you see is what you get!



Taobao Tips


What is Taobao and Tmall?

Taobao and Tmall are online e-commerce platforms that allow small businesses and individuals to sell a variety of products. Taobao was founded by the Alibaba Group in 2003 and it is the 10th most visited website in the world. These two platforms are different from Ebay as there are no bidding systems so all prices are fixed.


Why shop through an agent?

Shopping Agents

Agents are here to facilitate your shopping process. Majority of the shops in Taobao or Tmall do not ship internationally due to language barriers and various reasons. An agent normally charges an agent fee and provides different services in their packages.

How do I determine the quality of the agent?

In normal circumstances, you should test different agents by sending the same questions or quotations and judge them by their proficiency of English, efficiency in replying and ability to answer your questions.


Which Taobao store should I buy from?

Taobao seller ranking

Struggling to choose who to buy from? These icons on the Taobao seller’s page represents the ratings the seller received from the customers. The numbers are represented by the amount of transactions completed along with their ratings.

Buyer Protection Agreement

Under the orange ‘Buy Now’ button, you’ll see two green coloured icons. The second (circled) icon means that the seller signed the “Buyer Protection Agreement” and they offer full refunds for damaged items.

Alternatively, you can always us ask for seller recommendations. Contact one of our Buynosaurs here and give us a rawr!


What is Do you buy from them? is the 2nd hand platform for Taobao. We do help users purchase from this site although there is no guarantee about the product quality. You can always contact us for more information.




Do you charge domestic shipping fee?

When you purchase from Taobao or Tmall, some sellers would impose a small domestic shipping fee which varies on how heavy your items are. We only charge domestic shipping fee if the seller charges, otherwise, you’ll not be charged any!


What kind of shipping methods do you offer?

We offer the following shipping methods. Click on the thumbnails to visit their site:



SF Express logo




FedEx Express logo




What if customs confiscated my items?

There are possibilities that your parcel will be held by customs in your destination. Therefore, it is not a guarantee that import duties will not be charged. Please note that customers will take full responsibility if products are held or confiscated in customs and Buynosaur will not be responsible for any costs incurred.


What if I buy counterfeit items?

Buynosaur makes it clear that we do not help to ship counterfeit items as it will be confiscated and it is against the law in Hong Kong. Items that are associated with brands and have significantly lower prices are most probably counterfeit. Items that are often copied include (but not limited to):

  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Bags
  • Expensive watches
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Perfumes
  • Electronics

Please note that we do not have the ability to judge whether an item is counterfeit. We will not make any compensation if you ordered counterfeit items and they are confiscated by customs. Normally, Taobao sellers will declare whether the products they are selling are counterfeits. It is your responsibility to avoid buying counterfeits/replicas.


Where do I track my items?

Please visit the following links for your detailed tracking information:



SF Express logo




FedEx Express




Where is the shipping calculator?

How are we supposed to use a calculator with such short hands? All jokes aside, we are working on a much user-friendly interface for you. Right now, please visit the websites of the shipping carriers for your shipping costs. We will also ask the sellers for you how much your items weigh so that you have a good estimation about the shipping cost you will be paying. Say goodbye to marked up shipping fees.



SF Express logo




FedEx Express







What kind of payment methods are there?


We accept PayPal and it is our default payment system. We charge a flat 5% service fee for all transactions done through PayPal. Please note that all transactions done on or website will be calculated and presented HKD ($). When you are in doubt, PayPal payment page should tell you the equivalent currency that you are using for your PayPal account.

Bank Transfer

We accept Bank Transfer for Hong Kong orders only. We do not charge any service charge for bank transfer. Below is the list of banks we accept payments from:

  • HSBC
  • Hang Seng Bank
  • Bank of China
  • Citibank


What is the payment procedure if I want to buy an item?

Basic/Premium Plan:
  1. Submit your quotation and receive detailed information about product weight(s), product price(s) and estimated shipping fee
  2. We add product(s) to your cart with detailed calculation of costs
  3. Pay using PayPal (1st payment)
  4. Have your merchandise inspected thoroughly and repacked (Premium Plan only)
  5. We add shipping fee to your cart
  6. Pay using PayPal (2nd payment)


Formula for 1st payment:

(Product Cost + Shipping Fee to Buynosaur’s Warehouse) x (100% + Service Charge%) = Total* for 1st payment

Formula for 2nd payment:

(Shipping Fee to Your Destination) x (100% + Service Charge%) = Total* for 2nd payment


* Your total includes a 5% PayPal fee.


Do you handle refunds?

We understand that the importance of the quality of your merchandise. Although we are only a Buynosaur who helps you to buy, we promise that we will try our best to arrange returns according to the seller’s refund policy. If your package has been damaged during the shipping process, it will most probably be impossible to refund/exchange. No matter what, give us a rawr here and we’ll try our best to help!


Tax and duties

Packages normally are taxed when the declared value is higher than the tax exemption amount. Please note that Buynosaur will not be responsible for any taxation incurred. The following table shows the tax exemption (subject to change):

Country Amount
United States of America 200 USD
United Kingdom 15GBP
Canada 20 CAD
European Union 22 EUR
Singapore 300 USD
Russia 10,000 RUB



Tools and Resources


I’d like to search something in Chinese, do you have a keyword list?

We are always happy to translate keywords for you. If you would like a detailed list of keywords, contact us here. For a quick translation, visit the MDBG Chinese-English Dictionary page below:

MDBG Chinese-English dictionary


Do you have a weight estimation table?

In order to calculate your shipping costs, you will need to know how much your product weigh. The table below gives you a rough estimation of how much different objects weigh. Please note that this is just a rough estimation. Your final shipping price will be determined by your actual product weight.

Object Weight (In grams)
Bag 700g
Hat 130g
Underwear 80g
T-Shirt 300g
Pants 330g
Dress 380g
Watch 340g
Shirt 280g
Shoes/Sneakers 1100g
Accessories 110g
Belts 200g
NBA/Soccer Jersey 350g
Chains 200g
Scarf 190g
Wallet/Purse 230g
Phone Case 80g
Wig 80g
Cosplay outfit 330g
Dolls/Stuffed Toys 410g





How do I request a quotation?

Once you’ve decided what you would like to purchase, follow the steps below and we will take care of the rest:

Step 1:

Copy the links of what you would like to purchase:




Step 2:

Paste the links in our Quote Now page (note: Please create an account before quoting)

We recommend you to fill in your item in a list of numbers. Fill in all the needed information for quotation such as size or colour. To estimate your shipping costs with different carriers, simply click on the thumbnail and you will be directed to the shipping calculator. 


Quotation sample