We’ve improved with your effort. Now we want to thank you.


Have you checked our Facebook page and like it? No? You should do it because we’re doing giveaways! We’ll select two users every month to enjoy our Premium Plan service charge waiver valid for your next order within 3 months.

We’re also improving our customer service by providing a 2-hour service pledge. All your quotations or questions will be handled within 2 hours whenever possible if you send them between 8am and 11pm (Hong Kong time, UTC+8). To sustain our energy and humour while giving you awesome services, we’ve updated our pricing to include a HKD30 minimum charge for all orders starting from today.

We’ll keep improving ourselves, so don’t hesitate to share with us your opinions and ideas about anything of Buynosaur. You may send us a message here.



18 March, 2016



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